Photography is all about seeing -- and the light. No matter what the location, there is something that resonates. It is simply a matter of finding it.

Loch Ness, Scotland, on a blustery day.
Loch Ness, Scotland, on a blustery day
Virga on the Continental Divide at Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
Boardwalk leading to dock Apalachicola, FL
On to the Gulf: Walk leading to the pier at Lafayette Park, Apalachicola, Florida
Reeds between land and open water in Apalachicola, FL
Between land and open water, reeds help tame the tide, Apalachicola, Florida
Erosion's work at a beachfront condominium
Nature ultimately wins: St. Joseph Peninsula, Florida
Evening view of New York skyline
 New York skyline painted in pastels  from the Staten Island ferry
Bridge catches the sun as a storm approaches, Savannah, Georgia
Reversing the Canal Street trolley, New Orleans, Louisiana
Cable car turnaround, San Francisco, California
Side door at Wyken estate in East Anglia
Two roosters in front of flower display
Cocks of the walk: Roosters at Wyken in East Anglia
Sudden wind sends vendors scrambling, Framingham, in East Anglia
Loch Tay, Scotland, on a fine day
A little mist doesn't deter passing time with a friend, Pitlochry, Scotland
Free items on sidewalk during annual citywide sidewalk sale, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
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